Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Spaghetti!

We dine out infrequently (our goal is less than once a week).  Dining out at our home equals a drive thru fast food place or pizza carry out.  Sitting at a restaurant eating is reserved for a once-every-six-weeks thing with my husband sans children. 
Anyway . . . I cook 98% of all meals.  During the week, I cook one or two meals that I can stretch into two nights.  Last night, I made spaghetti.  I don't have a recipe--the base is some can of store-bought spaghetti sauce and I "doctor" it up with meat or green peppers or mushrooms or olives, etc.  I achieved the right combo last night--yum!  I put the leftovers in a bowl for night #2 when the phone rang.  Two hours later, my husband walked into the kitchen and asked, "Hey--does this need to be put in the fridge?"  Darn it--out too long for my comfort zone.  We threw it away.  Now I have to cook tonight!

1 comment:

  1. I love meals that can be stretched into multiple nights.

    I have some weird food issues. I am an expiration date nazi, I won't eat leftovers if they have been in the frig for more than three days, and I like my produce super fresh. I get teased at school for my willingness to throw food away. Knowing this about myself, I try to eat what we have so I don't waste food.