Sunday, February 27, 2011

Solo 5-miler

Saturday is running group day.  I wanted to go, but my daughter had a 9:00 volleyball game.  I am very happy with myself because I got up and ran five miles before her game.  I haven't run that far by myself since a run or two this summer.  It's funny--until October I never really ran with anyone.  Now I'm hooked on the comradery.
It was a fairly easy run.  Though the weather was a little chilly, I dressed appropriately.  I completed the run in under 10:30 pace.  Peaceful outside--as if on cue, my ipod played Louie Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" as I finished.   (I'll have to blog on the strange mix of music to which I run--it just screams "middle-aged Christian mom share an Itunes account with young teenagers")  I'm very pleased with the workout.  After sitting for 55 minutes watching my daughter's game, my old knees were able to waddle down the bleachers, too.  I'd say that is a successful run in my book.

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