Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missing Book

The other day I got online and estimated that our family checks out about 400 books a year through one library system and another hundred through a second library system.  The majority of these are books I pick out for my classroom.  Even with online renewal system and email notification, we still get small fines here and there.
My daughter came downstairs the other day looking like she was about to get into the biggest trouble of her life.  Turns out that she found a paperback library book she checked out this summer and never returned.  Honestly, when I get their due/overdue email notices, I just forward them to the correct daughter and don't pay attention.  She racked up a whopping $8 fine.  To her relief, I just laughed.  An $8 fine spread over 500 books makes the library the best bargain in town!

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