Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tortilla Chip Day

I've been trying hard to keep clutter out of our house.  It makes cleaning easy(er).  I contend I spend less money because I know what I have and I buy only what the family needs.  This being said, I did save part of the newspaper from January 1st.  The newspaper printed an article called "365 reasons to Enjoy 2011."

In my clutter free home (note:  said with sarcasm), I rediscovered this article to learn we should celebrate Tortilla Chip Day.  Guess what the kids and I will be enjoying for an afternoon snack?  I might even whip up a batch of my own homemade ones--yum!

BTW--tomorrow is "Pistol Patent Day."  I don't believe everyone needs nor deserves the right to bear arms, so I'll pass on celebrating.  I may just have a second helping of tortilla chips!

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