Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parent of the Year Entry #2,172

My son had his big cub scout banquet this past weekend.  I just never imaged how much commitment is required for scouting.  This activity was supposed to be a father/son thing; however, we fired dad, and I played catch up to get my first grader to complete some required activities.  We did not know that we had missed a couple activities for his first level--which needed to be completed before he reached the next level (bear, wolf, tiger . . . I'm not sure of the pecking order here without looking it up).
The night of the banquet they called the ten first graders up on stage.  "Two of our scouts will be receiving TWO badges tonight," the emcee announced.  My son was one of them.  He thought he was something else.  Poor thing didn't know that he had slacker parents and the other eight boys had already earned one of those badges.  Well, he was thrilled and he's caught up.  It's all good.

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