Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mom's New Toy

I love coffee.  I prefer hot coffee, but will drink it lukewarm, cold, or iced.  I like my own brewed coffee (ranging from Kroger's brand coffee to expresso made from kona beans my husband brought me back from Hawaii).  I really loved my french press (until I broke it).  Love my ten-year-old Mr. Coffee expresso maker.  Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Mr. Donut, or Tim Horton's drive thrus--they are all good.  I do not, however, like vending machine coffee--a girl has got to have SOME standards.
After two weeks of "research" (aka--salivating and surfing the web as well as surveying friends), I decided to purchase a Keurig machine.  I love it!  My husband and kids have now moved to the number two slot in my home.  I might have to buy a second machine if I work full-time next year.  The biggest problem I am having is to resist the temptation not to break my limit of two beverages a day.  Life is good!

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