Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Birdseed Poisonous?

My son is a very mellow, level-headed, non-risking seven-year-old.  We were working this weekend on some scouting projects to finish getting him to the next level.  One elective was to feed the birds.  I used some birdseed, old bagels, and crisco to make a feeder.  While spreading the seeds on the lard-covered bagels, he asked if birdseed was poisonous.  Of course not, son.  We are, after all, feeding it to the birds.
Where was MY head.  Who knew he was snacking on the birdseed when I wasn't looking.  This wouldn't be too awful if it weren't for the fact that I got the seed from a teacher who got it from a parent who got it from . . . I'm not sure.  It was also the same seed my pre-k students played in all week in their sensory table.

"No doctor.  I have no idea where he would have gotten this strange fungus."  Ha! Ha!

BTW--do not search for tongue fungus thru a search engine . . . even if looking for a funny picture for your corny blog.  I'm now nauseated!  Again . . . where was my head!


  1. One thing I've learned from my niece is that most things are not actually poisonous.

    Oh, and Poison Control rarely gets excited. Heh.

  2. Sounds like there is a story behind that comment--ha! ha!