Monday, February 14, 2011

Etiquette Class

For dinner the other night we ate pasta and a salad.  No bread.  No side dish.  No desert.  I was tired.  I remember my husband going back into the kitchen to get a knife.  "I cannot eat a salad without a knife," he stated as he passed me.  I thought this was odd that I never noticed this before; however, strange things like this pop up even after nearly twenty years of marriage.
Then I noticed he was eating slowly with the tines of his fork pointing down.  He was not instigating the friendly bantering that goes on nearly every night at dinner.  Things started getting weirder.  Come to find out, he had taken part in a two-hour etiquette class along with the clients he was training.  Mr. Eat-a-Hotdog-In-One-Bite learned some etiquette!  The more he told us, the harder the kids and I laughed.  He left the table exasperated at us "barbarians" as he found us too difficult to educate.

Let's see if this etiquette class lasts through Saturday's hotdog at the basketball game.

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