Friday, February 4, 2011

Who's Project Is It?

Tonight my first grader and daddy are going to their weigh-in . . . for the Pinewood Derby.  I know that this is a long-standing Boy Scout tradition, but come on!  Who's project is it?  What seven year old boy is able to design and saw his own car?  Actually, not even the daddy at our house could do this.  Thank goodness for a skilled and willing grandpa!
We took the kit to Illinois for Christmas.  Grandpa (bless his heart) designed, cut, sanded (my son did sand about 3% of it), weighed, and spray painted the car.  I hope grandpa . . . I mean . . . I hope my son does well.  Actually my son designed the Lego add-ons, the numbers, and the initials.  Whew!  Now we can give him some credit for his car.

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