Thursday, April 21, 2011

Geniuses Work for AT&T

My husband had AT&T U-Verse installed in our home last summer.  He saw the prototype of it a few years ago at a conference and has waited for it to come to our area since.  When it works, U-Verse is great.  However, we've had a technician out to our house over a half-dozen times.

The biggest issue with our U-Verse being down is that our phone (think 911 service), our internet, and our tv do not work.  It's spring break and raining outside.  Our options for fun at home are limited.
Here's the funny part.  Though I was given a noon to four window for repair, the repair tech shows up at 5:30.  Once our service was re-established, we had two messages from AT&T on our broken house phone (even though I gave tech support my cell phone number--an AT&T cell phone).  The first stated something about "we are calling to confirm that we will have a technician out to your home between noon and four.  Please check our website for more specific details."  Hello!?!?!  What part about my broken phone or internet is difficult to understand?  The second message on our house phone was that the technician would be late.  Didn't get that information either--until after the line was fixed. 

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