Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shopping Is Not Usually My Thing

I do not like shopping in general.  I avoid malls at all costs (probably visit a mall twice a year out of necessity).  I took my two daughters to Kohl's for dress shopping trip #2.  Though I was dreading this task, I have to confess it was fun.  The parking lot was packed (a Saturday afternoon of a good sale . . . duh!).  There was a small line for the dressing room, and we had a bunch to try on.  When a room did open, it was the big corner room.  I informed the girls that in the interest of time, we all three were going in the same one.
One daughter had forgotten to take off her volleyball kneepads from the morning's game.  Really?  Both daughters were at different times so tangled in dress straps, I had to help them out.  One daughter started laughing so hard, she spit all over me.  Both girls needed new shoes--their first pair of heels.
We were at the store for two hours, spent WAY more than I have EVER spent at a clothing store, and had a great time.  When we got home and the girls modeled their dresses for daddy, one of the dresses still had a security tag on it.  Not one to press my luck, I think I'll go back by myself to get that situation remedied.

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