Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've basically been a stay-at-home mom who has worked relatively part-time since my children were born (the eldest is 14).  My husband, who USED to travel extensively, did approximately . . . oh . . . 3% of the house and yard work.  Many days I resented this; however, I created this situation and it was job security.  I remember when we were getting ready to send child #1 to kindergarten (we had two girls at the time--with zero plans for the third), my husband turned to me and asked, "Sooooo . . . when will you be looking for something full-time?"

I responded quickly, "Sooooo . . . when are you ready to do 50% of the housework?"  I also reassured him that the first week he doesn't pull fifty percent, I will hire a maid to pick up his slack.  That was eight years ago, and he has never asked me to work more hours.  It works well for our family.
Today I was approached by the school principal if I'd be interested in picking up the afternoon session of our extended day kindergarten which in essence means working full-time.  This is not the field I had hoped, but it is nearly ideal to help ease myself and the family into me working.  When discussing this tonight, my husband replied, "well, we probably should look into getting a maid once a week."  I laughed and informed him that he wasn't traveling anymore.  No reason he couldn't roll his sleeves up.

To be honest, this potential transition will be much easier on me than on my husband.  Am I a bad person for giggling just thinking about it?

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