Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unexpected Run

On Monday nights all three of my children have practice at the same time and place.  I try to get a little exercise in while they are running.  Sometimes it is a power walk with one friend.  A couple of times it actually worked out that a running friend and I run a few miles.

Since we are on Spring break, I called to see if she was running.  Unfortunately she wasn't.  Nonetheless, I donned my running clothes and shoes and drove the kids to practice.  There were about 50% less children (like I said--Spring break); they were down a few coaches.  I asked if they needed help and was assigned to bring up the rear for the distance group.
My eighth-grade daughter was mortified when they introduced me as "coach Becky."  (I told her later that it was better than introducing me as "Natalie's Mommy," and she agreed).  The children ran about a mile and a half through the neighborhood.  They took a stretch break, and then they were encouraged to repeat the course.  I could see my daughter looking around for an excuse not to go out the second time.  I told her she could do it--and she did.
This wasn't the run I expected, but it was rewarding.

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