Thursday, February 25, 2010


I absolutely love the dental office we utilize--from the office manager, hygenist, to the dentist.  My oldest, daughter, cannot stand to go.  I wonder how bad it would be if the office personnel wasn't so kind and wonderful.  Keep in mind that not once did she ever have anything other than a routine check, x-rays, and cleaning.  She often is too scared to go into the room, and she'll make her younger sister go first.  She'll then sit in the waiting room and wring her hands uncontrollably.  She's often in tears when the hygenist works on her.
Today was the first EVER appointment that my 13-year-old didn't get completely stressed about.  I did hear her tell her dad about her dislike for dental appointments.  I am relieved that maybe we've crossed a bridge so she doesn't have to get so stressed out.

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