Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He Misses Me

I've recently have decided that in the next two years (or situations may speed up this necessity to next school year) I will need to teach full time.  I'm struggling with this for many reasons . . . and will probably write about other reasons later.
Two days a week my children are "latchkey" kids.  My son I guess got off the bus, went inside the house, and started crying about the pain of an injury he sustained . . . four hours ago at school.  My oldest was whining a little about her wimpy brother.  I asked her if she stopped to think WHY he was crying.  Every single day she got off the bus while in kindergarten, I was there and gave her all of my attention.  Poor guy is just needing a little love . . . I assume from his mother.  (I can do that for another year or two, right?).  Or maybe he's like his sister--just a little whiney.

Good news--he has seemed to recover from this injury and will OK!

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