Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's That Smell?

In my mini-rant, I forgot about a funny story.  My son came home from school and cleaned out his bag.  He mentioned that some of his stuff got wet because his backpack was wet.  I have no earthly idea what craziness possessed me, but I smelled the "wet" papers.  I have a pretty strong stomach, but I honestly thought I was going to start gagging and heaving right them.  Upon investigation--I discovered what I thought was a totally saturated bag of smashed cheez-its (I was totally emptying his bag to take it outside to air out). 

My son's reply, "Oh--that's not cheez-its.  That's a bag of carrots and celery."
My reply, "You mean the carrots and celery we served for a snack ten days ago during your star week?!?!?"
They had become pulverized in the baggie, then the half-rotted veggies had seeped out of the bag contaminating everything.

I think he's becoming a typical boy!

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