Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent Begins

Today is the official start of Lent.  Many people on FB have posted what they are giving up.  I'm all for giving up something, but as I told my children--why are you giving it up AND/OR what are you going to replace it with?
I gave up weekday television.  I don't watch a ton, but the first thing I wanted to do when I came home from work at noon was watch a program.  Before you know it, and hour or two is gone.  I'm replacing television in the daytime (aka--time w/o my kids at home) reading spiritual works and writing.  At night, I'm replacing television with easier reads and more time w/ the children. 

I also use Lent as my dietary "reset" button--new year's resolutions don't work.  I don't eat restaraunt food (or drive thrus) during lent--including drinks.  I'm also cutting back on sweets and replacing those cravings with my mandatory five fresh fruits/veggies a day.  Seems easy, but when we get running around . . . 

I'm on serving #2 now--should easily do the rest during supper.  The money I save I'll put into something charitable (either a church donation or materials for our church's prayer shawl ministry) and I'll be taking better care of the body God gave me. 

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