Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Motivated

I was looking through some blogs, and I've got the urge to quilt (much like my urge to run), but I haven't done much yet.  I say that--but I did pretty much start and complete one quilt already this year.  It was for our school's fundraiser which includes a silent auction.  My pre-K students picked the fabric for their handprint which I stitch down on the block.  Each child wrote his/her name, which I transfered to their block and embroidered.  The picture below is the top completed.  I always hope to get more out of the quilt (moneywise) than I put in.  It did OK this year--got twice as much last year.  

I belong to a prayer shawl ministry that accepts quilts, blankets, etc. to be blessed, bundled, and sent to people in spiritual or physical distress.  That should motiviate me too.  I just don't know where to start, but I do have at least three projects in different stages.  One is completely pieced and marked.  I've started handquilting it.  I was cleaning and found log cabin blocks (12 X 12) that I should just sew together.  I also have a third project that I've laid out, but need to sew together rows of flying geese.  Perhaps the first step would be to quit reading about all of these awesome quilting blogs, unplug the computer, sell the kids/dog/husband, and just get to work. 

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