Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Cannot Do It All

I haven't blogged for ten days.  I worked four & a half days last week (Friday afternoon was spent traveling six hours to IL for my neice's first communion) and all day Monday and Tuesday.  Though my wallet enjoys the extra subbing, my family has not adjusted.  It was either clean dishes and laundry or blogging. 
Last night I finished piecing the quilt top for my son's bed.  He picked the fabric from my stash (minus a "light" that I had to purchase).  He also picked the pattern in which the blocks were laid.  It truly is HIS quilt.  I'm going to quick finish it (flip it inside out with flannel as the "batting" vs. traditional way w/ binding).  I hope that part will be done today, but I'm playing catch-up from the past week.

I did a scrappy log cabin quilt once, but this was soooo much easier.  Thanks to Pat and her blog with spectular directions (both words AND pictures for people like myself who are directionally challenged):  Check it out!  I cannot wait for summer to do more of this.

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