Saturday, April 10, 2010

I-Touch Generosity

On Thursday I took my daughter shopping to replace her lost I-touch.  Poor thing used most of her birthday and Christmas money to replace the device she lost.  I had checked both Best Buy and Target on-line (my daughter had a gift card to each), and Best Buy was $20 cheaper.  When we got to the store, the price was $20 more than the on-line price.  I just happened to ask the salesperson--and they price adjusted it on the spot.  I've have the best luck at Best Buy.
The dark cloud hanging over my daughter lifted as we walked out of the store ("Mom--the itouch was the only way I get to talk w/ some of my friends!").  I told her that when I got paid for tutoring this month, I would contribute a little money toward her purchase.  She then told my that my youngest daughter (the one who put the device on the back of dad's car) offered to give her $50 toward the new one.  I told her I wasn't planning on giving her that much.  She said, "I know.  I told her she only had to give me $25."  I'll give her the $25 (plus I saved her an additional $20).  Her sister was thanked but told to keep her own money.  What a generous soul to offer that kind of money (her Christmas money) to her sister.  I'm proud of her!

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