Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I-Touch Drama

I spent a couple hours helping with a large visitation for a man and his daughter that were killed in a small plane crash locally.  As I was "regrouping" from this, my oldest daughter bursts into the house yelling, "She lost my i-touch!"  Once I got her to calm down, it appears that my youngest daughter set my oldest daughter's i-touch on the trunk of dad's car to prevent it from getting stepped upon.  (The oldest didn't take it into the house--where it should have been in the first place).  Dad (who was home early because he is taking a class) decided to get a much needed new pair of shoes.  Car gone.  Itouch gone.  So the youngest went walking to look for it.  We found the protective, snap-on cover by the stop sign.  Did not find the itouch. 
Of course, the oldest turned off the sound.  She also password coded it which we believe would prevent anyone from finding identifying info about it.  She never set up her texting with my phone as I requested (I would have went out in the dark and texted her--thus causing it to light up).  I'm surprised that dad did not go ballistic--but I wonder if he didn't feel a little guilty not seeing it before he got in the car.  I feel bad for my oldest.  So does her sister.  Once she cooled down, I told her that it was OK to be upset; however, she needed to keep it in perspective.  "Remember where I spent my afternoon," I gently reminded her.

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