Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Sometimes BUGS Me

It is official--spring is here.  It is not marked by a date.  It is not marked by the sniffles.  It is not marked by the sound of lawn mowers.  It is marked by BUGS.  As much as I know rationally we need bugs, they completely creep me out.  The only good bugs are the smiling caterpillars, butterflies, and ladybugs.  I noticed an increase in bees and wasps since our flowering something tree bloomed over the weekend.  I've killed about 20 of those super tiny ants that all of the sudden appeared in my house for Easter. 
Today, I saw this "fly" in my kitchen.  Well--I'm 40 and noticing a need to "upgrade" my glasses prescription.  Not a fly . . . but a big, fat, mean, hairy spider dangling on a web . . . in MY kitchen.  Like any rational adult, I--the only alpha female in this home--grabbed the Windex (the last of the the toxic chemicals I'm using up) and drowned that beast.  I'm wiggly just thinking about it.

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