Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom's Night Off

Last night was one of those rare times when I was alone in my home--with no expectations.  In theory, I'm home two mornings and three afternoons with no kids.  Some of those times I sub or volunteer.  Those are also the times when I "work" as mom--cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  If I just sat around, I would feel guilty.  But last night, my husband took the kids to a baseball game in Cincy.
I began by making a big, yummy salad for supper (we ate a late lunch).  I took the dog for a walk.  I then drew a hot bubble bath in which to soak.  I read about 75 pages of a book--without being interrupted. (One can understand the plot so much better when you can read w/o interruptions).  It was perfect.  When my husband asked how I spent my night and I happily told him, he looked at me as though I was crazy.  I was glad to have the "night off," but I was even more happy when my family was back safely at home.

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