Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a BOY!

My kindergarten son has always been the sweetest, most mellow child (Eyeore with a sense of humor).  During this season of change, he is morphing into a typical boy.  He loves bugs, digging in dirt, and Legos.  He's rough with his sisters (6th & 7th graders).  He HATES homework, writing, taking a shower and brushing his teeth.  He is the textbook "frogs and snails and puppydog tails" sort of boy.
Last night he was angry because he had to take a shower, had sneezy/itchy allegery issues, AND had homework--to write and illustrate a poem.  We had brainstormed the night before; I even wrote the small list.  He verbalized (with much coaxing) the three-line poem, I wrote it down, and he had to recopy it on his paper.  It was messy.  It was nearly illegible.  But it was done except for the illustration.  He drew himself running, then proceded to scribble all over the page to indicate all his sweat.  When I looked at the picture this morning, I noticed there were two frowny-faced people in his drawing holding weapons.  Wow!  Where did my sweet, mellow little guy go?  He's metamorphasized into a typical boy!

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