Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Normal?

On Thursday, I was home all day.  I didn't get called to sub.  The after-school tutoring I do was cancelled because of the incoming snow.  So I cleaned.  I vaccumed all the floors.  I damp-mopped the hardwood floors and bathrooms, then I steam mopped them with my new "Shark."  All was ruined when the dog wanted to travel outdoors three minutes later and when the children arrived home from school with snow-packed shoes.  I'm looking at the floors now--ICK!  Despite my efforts of laying throwrugs and towels everywhere when we were all playing outside, it appears as though my floors have not been cleaned for months.  I'm going to go clean.  See what I mean--average stuff.

I am making an effort to go greener.  You could call this my new year's resolution--I guess.  I do this when it is semi-convenient and when I can find/afford the organic versions of products. 

Here is a simple floor cleaner recipe:
     *1/8 cup vegetble-oil-based liquid soap (Little pricey.  Use only a little.  Use for many "recipes." Find at health food store.)
     *1/2 vinegar (Buy generic version in gallon size for under $2)
     *Fill rest of bucket with hot tap water (add 2 or so gallons)
No rinsing needed.  Can add a couple of drops of essential oils (also found at health food stores), but I don't notice a scent of either vinegar (yuck!) or essential oils after the water has evaporated.

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