Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grocery Excitement

Being an "average" mom, it is the little things in life that get me excited.  Today I went to the grocery store and bought $195 for $130.  OK--some of those moms who claim they can go and get cart-fulls of food for a dollar and change . . . good for you.  Don't know how you do it.  I saved a third on this grocery trip--but it took an hour of planning at home and 1.5 hours in the store.  I think my time is worth about $20 an hour!  Yeah !!!

My husband would argue that I could have gone even cheaper if I skipped the organic milk and produce.  Perhaps--but I'm trying to be "greener" this year.  I'd argue w/ him that we save more money eating organic foods at home than the $20 he spent on cheeseburgers and fries for himself and the kids this weekend.  Don't get me wrong--I LOVE dining out.  I am trying very hard to do less of it.  I usually give up all restaraunt/drive-thrus during Lent.  It's tough . . . especially since we will start the perpetual taxi driving for the kids and their sports.  Thank goodness that part is just a couple months a year.

Anyway . . . since I saved $65 on groceries, can I go spend it at Target on Thursday?

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