Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old I-Phones & Controversy

Several months ago my husband bought the new i-phone to replace his older i-phone.  He claimed the older one was not working properly, but after the goings-on w/ the old phone--which you will see--I think it was working just fine and that he wanted the NEW i-phone. 

We have been teasing our girls (ALMOST the ONLY 6th and 7th graders without a cell phone) that we were going to buy their kindergarten brother a cell phone for Christmas since he was at a school all by himself.  As part of this joke, daddy took the SIM card out of the "old" i-phone and gave the phone to our son.  We figured he'd enjoying playing with the calculator and other buttons.  We'd enjoy seeing the girls foaming with jealousy because their brother "got a phone."  They'd be fine once they saw the i-touches Santa got them for Christmas.

Well . . . the joke was on us.  Just for the record--taking out the SIM card on an IPhone simply makes an I-Touch w/ a camera.  Basically, the kindergartener got something better (for free) than the girls got as their one & only gift.  He can surf the web, You Tube (his favorite), email--which we have forbidden, take pictures (which you cannot do on an i-touch), use as an mp3 player (which he doesn't know), etc., etc., etc.  We have opened a pandora's box!  Who knew!?!?!?!

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