Friday, January 1, 2010

Remember Y2K?

I was laughing last night as I remembered New Year's Eve ten years ago.  We were living just outside of Harrisburg, PA.  My husband had taught our then 1 & 2 year olds how to chant "Y2K! Y2K!"  Just for the record--he did stockpile some water and unplugged our computer from the wall.  We didn't keep the "car phone" plugged in the car (ha! ha!). 

Jump forward ten years--I doubt if our life is that far off from where we were aiming.  I probably wouldn't have predicted our son, but that's the biggest (and best) surprise.  When you lead that "average" life--it can be pretty predictable.  We live a good life.

Tonight my oldest is having her 13th b-day sleepover.  Wow!  Tomorrow she will be a teenager.  She's VERY excited.  This is one of those birthdays where you expect to wake up to a totally different world.  We'll do a big breakfast for the friends.  After taking them home, she will get clean-up duty to clean up after all those friends.  Did I mention she needs to work on a long-term school project AND go to bed at a decent hour to reacclimate her body to our regular schedule?  Since it is her birthday, we will give her a reprieve on emptying the dishwasher and putting away her clean clothes--they can wait for the following day.  So much for that new world for which she is hoping.

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