Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kirby--the biohazard

One of the things I find so funny about teens is their quest to be adults, but they still cling to childish things.  When I went downstairs to the basement where this slumber party was, I looked in horror as I saw Kirby.  Technically this is Kirby #2.  Kirby is the doll my daughter has held since birth.  It was made of a pink terrycloth material and had a pink & white striped head w/ lace around it.  Today it is actually made of an unrecognizable fabric worn paper-thin in many spots.  The lace has worn off.  The color--best described as dingy grey.  The stuffing is so displaced from the years of wear, it hardly looks like a carcass.  I would not even venture to put the thing up to my nose.  One thing is for certain--it should have a biohazard sticker on it.

When I asked my "teenager" what Kirby was doing out, she proudly cried that they all had some form of Kirby--be it a doll or blanket.  Gross!

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