Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to our AVERAGE routine

Yesterday we returned back to normal routine . . . sort of.  The girls were complaining the night before how tired they will be in the morning.  Really?!?!  How do you know?  They've already convinced themselves they would be tired.

I am glad to be getting back to our routine.  Of course, we are entering a couple of busy months.  I make a quilt every year to auction--this will be the second for the kids' school.  It is due in six weeks, and I haven't started.  We also have Catholic School Week w/ all of its activities (both as a parent and as a teacher).  My son will start a Sunday only kindergarten basketball.  Both girls play volleyball for school.  Last year, it was literally a seven-day-a-week endeavor.  Each had 2-3 practices a week--manageable.  Each had a game or two--again manageable.  Unfortunately--there was no piggy-backing and/or overlap.  So it was seven days a week of running for 6 or 7 weeks.  Not looking forward to that.  Luckily, both girls are of age to "babysit" their younger brother while I run that 5 miles to the gym.  At least I won't have to deal with that part.  I also got a Kindle and hope to utilize it well while sitting at practice.  I'm lacing up my shoes and getting ready (I should actually be running).

The funny part about a winter routine--we had a two-hour delay from school today (Tuesday).  The kids got to sleep in.

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