Thursday, March 18, 2010

Auto Repair

Today I took our nearly 3 year old Chevy Uplander to the dealership to get brakes.  Tthe rear driver's side door is broken.  Since I was under 36,000 miles (I have 35,500--really!), the repair is covered under warranty . . . aka--it's free.  After sitting for over two hours (which I expected), they told me that they do not have the part to fix the door.  They've called for a rental car.
Long story shorter, I am driving a very large, white, extended-cab Chevy Silverado pickup.  It's HUGE!  In fact, I had to rearrange the garage to get it in.  It fills the space w/o much to spare.  I had to run to the grocery store, and I felt I took my space and half the space behind me.  I hope that part comes in tomorrow!  I just have the urge to grab my t-square, put a pencil behind my ear, and head to Home Depot!

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