Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mother Used to Know Best

The weather forcast for yesterday was supposed to be sunny and high around 50 degrees.  My "teenager" wanted to wear a spring coat to school.  "It's 35 degrees--that's too cold for a spring coat while waiting outside for the school bus to arrive."  She replied that she would wear TWO spring jackets.  While I thought that was one less-than-brilliant idea, I simply repeated, "It's 35 degrees.  If precipitation were falling from the sky, it still could look like snow."  She left the house with her winter jacket on and without talking to me.

"Why are they shivering like this?"
When she got off the bus in only her short-sleeved uniform polo and her coat hidden in the backpack--it was 58 degrees.  OK--it wasn't supposed to get THAT warm. 

So today when the question came up if she could wear her spring coat---like any fabulous mother, I told her I wasn't going to discuss it.  It's 37 degrees!  She (and her sister) trotted out to the bus in her spring jacket.  Thank you, God, for my compliant little son who still thinks his mother knows best!

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