Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten in 2010

I now have reached a total of ten miles logged for 2010!  May seem pathetic to regular runners--but after a 5.5 month break, it is a start.  Remember running your first 5K and thinking what a huge accomplishment that was?  That's how I felt today.  Granted--in a couple months I hope to post I ran my first ten-miler of the year (not 10 miles for the year). 
I find many things humorous when I run.  Today, I ran without a hat.  I had "bed head" from not showering yet today.  (For those with shorter, naturally-curly hair--you can visualize what a mess I was).  I passed a woman running in the other direction--perfect blond ponytail and LIPSTICK!  I have put on a little lipBALM before running, but never lipstick.  Maybe that should be a new running goal.

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