Friday, March 19, 2010

"Illegal Drug Aisle" at the Grocery Store

I helped supervise my son's walking field trip to the Police Station.  It was on a Friday afternoon--and they were kindergarteners who go all day.  The kind officer who gave the "tour" was not much of an early childhood educator; the kids were not a great audience.  He talked briefly that the last person he arrested was for intoxication.  He had to explain to the children that alcohol and drugs are poison to the body, causes adults to do bad things, etc.
After school, my son and I stopped by the grocery store on the way home.  I rarely do this, but I really wanted a glass of wine.  So I was walking down the wine aisle (like I know the difference between any of them), and my son loudly poses the question, "IS THIS THE ILLEGAL DRUG AISLE?"  I am certain I heard the lady on the end of the aisle chuckle.  I love his innocence!

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