Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fulfilling Moment

On Thursday, our family attended an informal concert for my son's school.  To be honest, when we got the note home about this "additional concert," I was like "Oh great.  Another committment."  I had to pick up my son by 2:30 (because he cannot get off the bus w/o his sisters and/or w/o mom at home), and bring him to my 3:00 tutoring at the other campus.  At 4:15, I loaded my 3 kids (the girls had Rosary Club after school) plus 3 additional to get Subway for supper.  Back at the gym before 5:00 for volleyball pictures & practice.  The other mom was bringing my oldest to the concert after the pictures and practice.  I went home to eat (gave up fast food/restaurant for lent) with two.  My husband got off the plane and got home just in time to leave for the program.  Met up with the oldest--so all five of us were seated in the pew and ready for the performance by 6:45.  Deep breath.
It was the most amazing thing I've attended at this school.  The children wrote their own songs (part of a grant with a singer/writer/naturalist).  Each grade had a social justice theme with which to work.  The songs were very Christ-centered (which was why singing in the church was so appropriate).  These kids are so pure and untainted.  The artist who worked with the children sang one of his more typical funny, up-beat songs.  He ended with a very reflective version of "Give Me Jesus."  This concert--that I was not thrilled about--was the perfect "reset" button for a very busy week.  I left completely fulfilled.  I couldn't have asked for more.

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