Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a (Satur)Day!

I'm a single, married parent for two weeks while my husband is in Hawaii for work.  Saturday's festivities began at 8:00 a.m. when we drove to volleyball game #1.  I returned home in time to take daughter 2 to a friend's house.  I was home five minutes before my student arrived for two hours of tutoring.  When he left, I immediately got my son in the shower, then went downstairs to make lunch before heading to volleyball game #2.  Daughter #1 who played game #1 couldn't find her kneepads for game #2 and just KNEW daughter #2 took them to play game #3 (Got that?).  Searched for kneepads; at my sandwhich in the large rental truck. 
Without kneepads, we went to game #2.  Lucky for daughter #2 that daughter #1 was still able to play game #2 without knee pads.  When it finished, headed to game #3.  I knew immediately daughter 2 WAS wearing her sister's knee pads--bad girl!!!!  That game finished around 4--which gave us a few minutes for the kids to go through McD's drive thru for supper before 5:00 mass.  After mass, we dropped daughter #1 off to a friend's house to go to a dance.  I should have taken the younger two children to a school social at the YMCA, but I'm done, done, done for the day.  I'm hoping for a restful Sunday!

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