Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waiting for Daddy

The daddy of the house has been on a work trip for nearly two weeks.  He travels . . . alot.  In fact, he was working every other week out of state.  However, he's home every weekend.  But not this trip.  He's in Hawaii, and he had to stay for two weeks.  He was not excited about this.  I am glad, however, that he did get to do a couple touristy things.
We are typically used to his weekday absences.  But I've seen both my kindergartener and my 7th grader tear up because they miss their daddy so much.  I'm actually surprised by the older child's reaction since she tries to play cool and treat her dad like he's very uncool.  There are the subtle eye rolls and quick escapes from the room when her dad is around--I've heard these are typical teenager antics.  In some strange way, this missing should reassure dad that her outward reactions don't reflect the inward love she has for him.  He'll be home in two days--yeah!!!  Now to get the house reassembled before he returns!

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