Monday, March 15, 2010

Mom-of-the-Year Menu

My husband is out of town.  I was going to grocery shop after teaching this morning, but was asked to stay and subtitute for another teacher.  When I got home, I searched the fridge for something to fix the kids and myslef.  We had several food items that needed to be tossed tomorrow--smorgasboard for supper.  The delicacies included clam & corn chowder, blueberry pancakes, one cheeseburger, and some french bread I toasted.
Wash it down with a glass of milk, and it is a balanced meal . . . if you count the ketchup on the cheeseburger as a vegetable.  Ok--so I wasn't mom-of-the-year.  I was being frugal (didn't want to waste), lazy (too tired for grocery store after work), and avoiding fast food (which only I gave up for Lent) all rolled up in one meal.  I think average moms do this every once in a while.  Right?!?!

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