Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Workouts Today

It's March, and I'm just getting back into running again.  I'm trying to decide whether to run at hilly 15K on Father's Day weekend or to "school" my girls and beat them in the 4-mile race.  I figure this will be one of the last years I can do this with minimal effort--I keep getting slower; they keep getting faster.  I still have endurance going for me--something they don't have yet.  I ran three miles today.  Thought about doing one more with my canine running partner, but we walked instead.
The girls got off the school bus to find a taunting email from their grandfather (he told them if they trained, he'd pay their entry fee).  So I did another two mile run.  The first mile I ran with my 6th grader; the second mile was with my 7th grader.  They both finished the mile slightly before me.  Nonetheless--I was close AND it was my second workout of the day.  If it were a race--I think I could take them, but I need to be able to walk tomorrow. 

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