Monday, March 29, 2010

Volleyball Wins?

The girls play volleyball . . . and love it.  The season is, in theory, about six or seven weeks long.  Both girls play on "the B team," which is exactly where they need to be.  My seventh grader's team has not won a game all year.  The sixth grader's team has won a couple, and is playing well.  Both girls played at the same time on Saturday.  I told daddy to go to the seventh grader's game since the chances of her team winning was much less than the sixth grader.  That way, he may get to see each play one more time. 
Well--Murphy's law.  The sixth grader lost.  The seventh grader's team won, played again that afternoon, and won again!  The season will continue in three more weeks (after Holy Week and spring breaks).  Hooray?!?!?  I think.

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